Scholarship Programs

The foundation offers about $22,000 in boarding school, high school, and college scholarships.


Nine young women go to a boarding school, the Colegio Dominicanas de la Anunciatain Chichicastenango and live in adjoining dormitory called the "Internado." 

The cost is about $1000 per student.



Twenty scholarship recipients attend high school in San Andres or in the provincial capital, including Instituto Normal Mixto San Andres, Colegio Utatlan, Normal Bilingue Intercultural K'iche and ITEC.  

Scholarships range from $270 to $400 per year.



One University student and one graduate school student received loans with flexible terms to facilitate their studies. The university student studies in Quetzaltenango about 4 hours from home. He cannot afford to live there so travels by bus early Friday mornings and attends classes all day Friday and Saturday. His loan is about $1100 per year. The graduate school level student is in law school in Santa Cruz. She is currently preparing for her licensing exams and clerking, for which she receives no compensation. Her loan in 2016 is $1,500.